Volkswagen Beetle – throwing it back to the good ole days!

2015 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible TDI
Class: Sub-Compact Cars
Fuel Economy: 30/40
Base Price: $30,195

Beetle Convertible Model  Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.
Beetle Convertible Model
Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.

Some of my greatest childhood memories were made in vehicles: traveling to ball games, carpool lines and trips to grandma’s house. And, among those memories are the car games I played with my family and friends…like the alphabet game, the license plate game and the best one of all…PUNCH BUG!!

Punch bug spared my parents many miles of “are we there yet” moments, but in some cases replaced them with “ouch he’s punching too hard!” No matter the reason, when I see a beetle bug car, my heart smiles. Volkswagen has a fantastic audience for this retro vehicle that resonates with many folks on different levels, creating Beetle excitement across the generations!

The 2015 Beetle, I must admit, is not your mama’s Bug. I tested the Convertible model and have nothing but good things to report. This diesel-powered sub-compact car handed me better fuel efficiency, more get up and go, more cabin space and more fun than I expected. That’s big if you know the big-car kind of girl that I am!

Exterior and under the hood…
The outward appearance of the Beetle continues to be very iconic for Volkswagen (the power of branding) and yet, it offers a slightly more sophisticated look in 2015. I prefer to think that the Beetle has grown up along with me…we’ve both aged…and like good wine, have only gotten better!

A 2.0-liter TDI Clean Diesel 4-cylinder engine is responsible for the increase in the horsepower of this Beetle (thank you turbocharge!), as well as thrifty gas mileage (a combined mpg of 34 is pretty impressive). I felt plenty of power to merge onto the busy highways that I traverse every day without hesitation. Big plus for this city girl!

What to expect: the 2015 Beetle is a four-passenger, two-door hatchback with a super cool convertible option. There are three trim lines that coincide with the engines: 1.8T, R-Line and the TDI. I spent my time tooling around in the TDI automatic which upgraded to chrome exterior accents, keyless entry (start/stop button), satellite radio and touchscreen audio interface.

Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.
Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.

Inside the Bug…
The controls, while up-to-date and innovative are straightforward and easy to use. I have not had to pull out the owner’s manual even once to figure out a control button. I love the Fender sound system – it offers premium quality and I would definitely purchase that upgrade.

The dashboard has good craftsmanship and it’s nice that you can still match your interior trim to the exterior color of the car. Some things never change…and they shouldn’t!

The seats are comfortable…and there is more cabin room than I remember in the Bugs of yesteryear. The only thing that you have to remember is checking your blind spots, especially in the convertible. I also advise purchasing the add-on of the rearview camera to help visually as I think this is an awesome safety feature anyway.

And, speaking of safety, Volkswagen has taken that into account, as they should. Standard options in this department include: traction and stability control, airbags (front, side and side curtain), antilock brakes, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle location and remote door unlocking. One thing that I think is pretty cook is geo-fencing which gives parents the ability to set some boundaries for little Jimmy and Susie in their teenage driving years. Smart Volkswagen, very smart!

Beetle Classic Model Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.
Beetle Classic Model
Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.

My overall impression of the 2015 Beetle is pleasing. I think it’s an eclectic mix of retro and modern that is appealing to multiple ages and genders. It’s perfect for commuters and sits well with me for a road trip down memory lane and beyond.

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