Spectrum Resort's Clean Bed Guarantee


Being in the travel industry, I am always hearing terrible stories about bed bugs and the general uncleanliness of hotels and other accommodations. Bearing that in mind, this made me smile!


Clean Bed Guarantee from Spectrum Resorts
It’s a dirty little secret of the vacation rental business—while sheets and pillow cases are washed for each guest arrival, comforters are another story altogether. Sometimes comforters are only washed twice a year. Sometimes once a year. Sometimes less.

Spectrum Resorts is leading the industry once again with our Clean Bed Guarantee. Beginning Spring 2015, every Spectrum Resorts guest will be greeted with a crisp, comfortable white duvet that is freshly laundered for each arrival.


It’s a clean duvet, every stay—and the only way to get that guarantee is to book through Spectrum Resorts. Read more here.

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