Six Reasons to Love the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
Class: Standard SUV
Fuel Economy: 20/27
Base Price: $24,950


I grew up riding in a station wagon. That’s what families did back then. And, while there really weren’t many options, today is a different story. SUVs and mini vans have flooded the market and created many alternatives for growing families. One of my favorite family vehicles is from the Hyundai family – the Santa Fe!

The Santa Fe is not only a good value, but it also presents itself in an attractive manner with lots of modern amenities in a roomy, practical interior. This five-passenger sport crossover is perfect for budget savvy families and daily commuters alike. It handles the road a bit tighter than Hyundai’s seven-passenger, third-row model that larger families migrate toward, which is to be expected in a smaller, sportier vehicle.

Here are six reasons to love the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and I’m sure you’ll add more to the list once you’ve taken it for a spin.


1. The Santa Fe Sport is more than a pretty façade. It has efficient power with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder standard engine with 190 horsepower offering decent gas mileage for this classification. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is an available option. Want more power? Opt for the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine…that will do the trick!

2. This sport model has some great features even on the base model: 17-inch alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, LED headlights, tinted windows, tilt wheel, keyless entry, Bluetooth capability, great audio system, USB integration and so much more! It offers sporty good looks with state-of-the-art technology…a win-win.

3. The lengthy warranty offered by Hyundai is second to none, proving that this manufacturer believes in their products and puts their money where their mouth is.

4. There is an optional equipment package that really upgrades the amenities if that’s important to you. Features like automatic headlights, heated mirrors and seats, touchscreen audio, rearview camera and power seats are just a few of the additions in this package. Need more? Go all out and upgrade to the premium equipment package and get leather interior, dual-zone climate control, sunshades on the rear windows and (one of my favorite features) blind-spot monitoring.

5. Safety is important to me…and to most folks I would imagine. In addition to the “normal” safety features (airbags and head restraints) found on almost every vehicle today, the Santa Fe Sport offers a few things that I find extremely important in the world of safety. One I mentioned above…blind-spot monitoring…and it goes without saying how many wrecks this single feature has prevented by alerting the driver when a vehicle is present in the blind-spot. Another is the rearview camera system. I love being able to physically see if something is in my rear path. It has kept me from running over scooters and bicycles many a time.

6. In addition to providing a comfortable interior, families can expect a straightforward dashboard with easy to operate knobs and buttons. The rear passengers have lots of leg room, there is great luggage room for travel (or groceries, strollers and sporting equipment) and if you need to haul something, the backseats fold down flat.

Hyundai has claimed their share of the SUV market with sharp vehicles like this one offering eye-pleasing exteriors, spacious interiors full of techno-savvy amenities and dependable powertrains. Take a test drive and see how the Santa Fe Sport stacks up to others in this segment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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