Land Rover LR4 Continues the Tradition of Loyalty

2013 Land Rover LR4
Fuel Economy: 12/17
Class: Standard SUV
Base Price: $49,100

Let’s face it. The Land Rover family is a tight one. Once you’re in, you’re in. Owners expect upscale amenities in an iconic bold exterior with tons of gizmos and gadgets on the inside, and the Land Rover LR4 doesn’t disappoint.

Once thought to be a vehicle only for the off-road enthusiast, Land Rover has developed a current day following of soccer moms and businessmen, too. Today’s LR4 offers a practical vehicle to accommodate almost any busy lifestyle. With superb drivability and rugged good looks, the LR4 takes you from the grocery store to the trails without missing a beat.


Engine and performance…The LR-V8 engine features a torque-actuated dual independent variable camshaft phasing system creating incredible performance along with enhanced fuel efficiency. You can feel the power which drivers in the city and on the trails appreciate. No one wants to worry about whether or not they have the power to merge onto a busy interstate and that is no sweat with this beast!

And speaking of performance, the LR4 is on the forefront of automotive technology and is totally committed to keeping the driver engaged with the driving experience. Sitting in the driver’s seat is almost like a simulation…there are lots of buttons and knobs in the center of the dashboard, but they are consistent with Land Rover vehicles. Getting behind the wheel of the LR4 is an adventure every single time.


Exterior features…The LR4 is immediately recognizable as part of the Land Rover family with the following upscale exterior characteristics:

• Rear Wash Wiper
• Fender vents in Titan finish
• Two-bar grill with mesh in Titan finish
• Exterior trim and door handles in Oberon finish
• Halogen front lighting
• Front and rear fog lamps
• Automatic Headlamps
• Headlamp Powerwash
• Rain sensing wipers
• Heated Rear Glass with Wash Wipe
• Interior Rear View Mirror
• Rear lamps, incorporating LED technology


Interior features…Excellent craftsmanship is displayed throughout the interior of the LR4 and no stone is left unturned with regard to extra special touches. From the spacious center console to the illuminated vanity mirrors, thoughtful measures were considered throughout. One of my favorite features is the ambiance created through the use of not one, not two, but THREE moon roofs! So much natural light is allowed to enter the vehicle and it’s spectacular on a beautiful day!


The stereo, navigation and power settings are all a given with Land Rover and are up to par in this vehicle as well. The third row of seating folds down to haul a large amount of groceries, luggage or sporting equipment, and the rear access has a unique configuration that is exclusively Land Rover.

Join the family…It’s no accident that Land Rover owners tend to purchase more of the same. They have a strong tradition of loyalty and sense of pride in their vehicles. And what’s not to love? A well-built vehicle exploding with amenities plus lots of room (a third row of seating) and a solid driving experience…that’s the Land Rover way. And it’s never too late to join the family.

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