Keeping Vacation Dollars In Alabama Beaches

Alabama Beaches
Photo courtesy of Visit AL Beaches.

There are two things about me that are constant: I am a born and bred Alabama gal, and I love the beach! I have traveled to beaches near and far, and while I have enjoyed some amazing destinations, Alabama beaches continue to impress me. And, it’s always cool to keep vacation dollars within the state!

Five reasons to visit Alabama beaches in the fall:

1. The sand is the most gorgeous sugary-white color and the texture is so awesome to sift between your toes. Have you ever walked on sand that hurt your feet? Not on Alabama’s Gulf Coast!
2. The water offers amazing azure blue hues juxtaposing the awesome sandy beach creating a scene that’s postcard perfect!
3. The temperatures are great in the fall season and much less humidity affords vacationers a wonderful opportunity to spend more time outdoors without feeling scorched.
4. The lines at the restaurants are MUCH LESS this time of year! Fall (and spring, the other shoulder season) is the absolute best time to try those tempting seafood hideaways without waiting hours for a table!
5. Most everything is still running with full service throughout fall including charter boat rentals and water sports. You’ll find that lots of these activities are offered at reduced prices this time of year as well.

Wild Hearts

I encourage my fellow Alabamians to consider keeping their vacation dollars in our state and if fall is a viable travel option, then check out the coastal fun and frolic! It’s absolutely my favorite time to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach destinations. It’s the best of both worlds – all the beauty is still there along with the fabulous culinary treats, but prices are more affordable and temperatures are more bearable.

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