4 Reasons NOT To Take A Caribbean Cruise

Four Reasons not to take a Caribbean Cruise (2)

I’ve been a travel journalist for some 20 years and I always get asked crazy travel questions. Recently a friend asked me why she should consider taking a Caribbean cruise.  I laughed for a second, and then decided to answer with four reasons NOT to take a Caribbean cruise!

  • Are you a homebody? Can’t stand to be away from your own bed? It totally disgusts you to be gently rocked to sleep by the lullaby of the oceans? YOU definitely should NOT cruise because sliding into a down-filled comforter after a full day of sun, fun and culinary bliss would rub you the wrong way. Reason number one not to take a cruise.
  • You would rather have stale cereal and canned soup every night than cook, eat out or engage your brain to try something unfamiliar. Nope…not for you…please don’t cruise. You’ll be so disappointed with all the food choices and tempting of your palate. You’ll never make up your mind and when you do, you’ll find fault like they are handing out rewards. Definitely, not being an adventurous eater is a reason not to cruise.
  • Turquoise waters, snorkeling adventures, beautiful beaches and adventure are thoughts that never pass through your mind. Big reason not to take a Caribbean cruise! You’re allergic to fun, unapologetically appalled at activities for which you must sign a waiver and really never were fond of the color turquoise. Do us all a favor and just stay home. You won’t enjoy your cruise. Your body likely doesn’t even remember what happy feels like so just stay in your super comfy zone.
  • You are certain you cannot be entertained and contained on a ship for the length of your itinerary. You’re probably right. **sigh** The warmth of the sunshine on your skin, the poolside music and entertainment, the Broadway-type evening shows, casinos, delightful waitstaff at dinner, turndown friends (towel animals), karaoke, water parks, hot tubs and movies under the stars will be too much for your heart to bear. It’s best for you to remain on the home front, double locking your doors and watching for the postman. You’ll be safe there…and in no danger of bumping into a stranger or being tempted to enjoy an evening at the piano bar.
Carnival Vista Caribbean Cruise
Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

And there you have it! Four BIG reasons not to take a Caribbean cruise! What’s your excuse?


  1. I’ve been on two cruises as a pre-teen and teen, and I hated being cooped up! We did a river cruise when my sister and I were both adults, and I was able to enjoy the food and cultural talks far more. I’m not entirely sold on cruises, but I don’t think it would take much to convince me to try again!

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