Carnival Cruise Line Tiramisu Recipe

Carnival Tiramisu
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Have you ever wondered how they make some of the yummy desserts on Carnival Cruise Line? With this recipe in hand, you can now make your very own Tiramisu just like the professionals!

Recipe for Carnival Cruise Line Tiramisu

• 2 fl. oz Grand Marnier
• 8 oz sugar
• 20 oz mascarpone cheese
• 20 lady finger cookies
• 10 egg yolks
• 4 cups heavy cream
• 3 fl. oz marsala wine

For Coffee Syrup:
• 2 fl. oz Kahlúa
• 1 cup water
• 2 oz sugar
• 2 oz instant coffee powder

To prepare:
• Got a double boiler? Use it to prepare a sabayon with yolks and sugar. Cream the mascarpone
cheese and mix into the sabayon. Add the marsala, Grand Marnier and whipped cream — fold in the sabayon mixture and keep it in the fridge.

• To make the syrup, dissolve the instant coffee in hot water, mix the sugar with Kahlúa and let it cool in the fridge.

• Soak the lady fingers in the coffee syrup and arrange one layer of cookies on the bottom of the
serving glass.

• Using a piping bag, pipe the sabayon mixture into the cup, as shown in the picture.

• Arrange an optional garnish – pictured above we’ve got chocolate ruffle, marbled chocolate
flakes, cocoa, sugar rocks and marzipan coffee beans. Fancy!

Carnival Tiramisu


Are you a fan of Carnival Cruise Line? What’s your favorite ship?

Shared from Carnival Cruise Line and picture is courtesy of them as well.

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